1. Supply of Multivitamins
(anchored by Dr Joseph Thambiah, St Andrew’s Cathedral) 

2. Provision of 2 meals per day for 14 days to 1000 workers     
(anchored by the Anglican Indian Board) 

3. Developing Media Content in 3 major languages (Tamil, Mandarin & Bengali) over 6 months
(anchored by the Diocese Missions Board under “My Dorm, Our Home” project. 

The total budget for the above initiatives is about $200, 000.  

ACROSS (Anglican Crisis Relief Outreach & Support, S’pore) is coordinating the collection of free will offerings from all the Anglican parishes in Singapore.

You can write a cheque to “Diocese of Singapore” and indicate at the back of the cheque “ACROSS – COVID 19”.

Cheque can be mailed to: 

Anglican Crisis Relief Outreach & Support, S’pore
1 Francis Thomas Drive #01-01 (St. Andrew’s Village)
Singapore 359340 

Let us continue to uphold our migrant workers in prayer during this time of adversity. Our migrant workers have been significantly affected by COVID-19. The Diocese of Singapore has launched various initiatives to provide support to our migrant workers and these include: