We are living in turbulent and uncertain times and we can only trust in the Lord to carry us through. I would like to share with you 3 prophetic dreams on 14th, 15th and 19th of March, which I believe is what the Lord would like us to know concerning these times.

In my first dream on 14th March, I saw a church on top of a very high cliff overlooking the sea. In front of the church was a road. Directly opposite the church on the other side of the road were rows and rows of pews on a slope where church members sat facing the church below. They were all standing for the service to begin. I was about the cross the road to play the piano for the service and thought it extremely strange that the people were not in the church but outside! Suddenly and without any warning, a huge tsunami came from the sea below, went up the cliff, swept over the church and the people standing opposite. I was like a spectator at a distance watching this disaster enfold. When the waters subsided, the church building was completely demolished but the church members were still standing in the pews drenched but unharmed. Then I saw my wife beside me and my grandchildren running towards me and I awoke.

In my second dream on 15th March, I was standing in a very quiet place in the woods with a peaceful stream running through in front of me. All of a sudden, again without any warning, a huge torrent of water rushed down the stream turning it into a river and washing away everything in its path. Then I saw my car floating away as well and I awoke.

In the third and final dream a few days later on 19th March, I was wearing a white choir robe with the entire St Paul's Church choir waiting as it were to process out onto a large stage to sing. As we were proceeding onto the stage, we found ourselves facing a very large crowd of people all dressed in white and together we were singing this hymn "Guide me O Thou Great Jehovah, pilgrim through this barren land". We were accompanied by the sound of a grand orchestra and pipe organ. The brilliance and brightness of God's glory was just shining through and surrounding the entire crowd and I awoke.

I have been praying for the Lord's interpretation of the dreams and believe the Lord is saying the following to us:

We as His people will go through great trials and tribulations in the coming days but His people will stand if we continue to abide in Him.

The church is not a building but the people of God (represented by the church building being demolished but the people of God remaining largely unscathed)

We may have lost our jobs, our material possession, our investments in this present crisis but we will stand and not be swept away if we remain in Him.

God will see His people through and will uphold us with His powerful Hand to feed, heal and deliver us from this surging pestilence and economic storm. As the last verse of the song reminds us, "When I tread the verge of Jordan; bid my anxious fears subside. Bear me through the swelling currents, land me safe on Canaan's side". Then will we always sing and give to God, "Songs of Praises" forevermore.


By Georgie Ong