Week 7: Old Testament - The First 5 Books

This week the children will learn what are the first 5 books of the bible through activities and be encouraged to find out more when they read the bible eg. maps, content and archaeology findings.

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Week 6: What's so special about the Bible?

Psalm 119: 18 Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.

What’s so special about the Bible?  How is it different from any other book?

This week we continue our introduction of the Bible to the children, and show them why the Bible is different from any other book ever known, and point them to the message the Bible has.

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Week 5: Faith in Action

What do I have to give? How can God use me?

This week let's bless a special group of people with our actions.

Learn more about the migrant workers. Hear the stories of 5 of them who are willing to share their lives and their needs.

Let's trust the Lord to use us for His purposes!

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Week 4: I want to SERVE as Jesus did!

Who did Jesus serve when He was here?
How did He serve? What did He do?

Is Jesus calling me to serve?
How can I serve? Who can I serve?

Through songs, videos, bible study, quiz and activities, help our children learn that they can use their hearts and their giftings for the good works that God has called them to.

This week, get to know a special group of people in our midst - the migrant workers.

Coming up next week we will share more information on some of these gentlemen and their needs.

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Week 3: The Lord's Prayer

In uncertain times only one place is our sure shelter. Guide our children, as Jesus taught His disciples, to go to our loving Father in confidence and in trust.

Upper primary school kids should be able to go through the lesson on their own. Younger ones will require guidance and explanation.

Children may take an online quiz, and write out a prayer. Rally the family to pray with suggested activities for the family e.g. watch a video from World Vision on a Covid-19 affected family, and use given prayer prompters to lift up those in need of prayer. To the prayer closet we go!

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Week 2: The Word

Coming in daily bite-sized information with slides, facts, pictures, videos and quizzes to introduce and bring alive the most important book to our children. This week's teaching is about The Word. For starters, let's pronounce 'Ecclesiastes'. :)

Week 1: Worship

This week's teaching helps children get a deeper understanding to worship. What is worship? Why do we worship? How do we worship? These are questions that will be discussed.

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