Temporary suspension of all services.

Mandarin Service

Time: 9.00am & 11.15am (Holy Communion - 1st & 3rd week)
Venue: Second Sanctuary

Sunday School
Time: 9.00am & 11.15am







How We Started
Started in 1984, the Vicar then was Reverend John Niven. The Chinese service started in order to embrace the parents (Chinese speaking) of those worshipping in the English service into the family of St Paul.

We started from a fellowship meeting of less than 10 people and were conducted in various dialects in order to attract more parents. Gradually, we grew and developed into a Mandarin speaking worship service.

In its developmental stages, ministry resources (personal, financial) were all supported from the English service. There was no full-time staff until 1997. Then Pastor & Mrs Zheng Yu Fa joined St Paul’s Church as full-time pastoral workers. A year prior to them, pastors and members from Yishun Christian Church came to assist in growing and development of our Chinese ministry.

In June 2002, Pastor and Mrs Zheng Yu Fa left St Paul’s. Then, Reverend Tan Choon Kwan took over the ministry while full-time pastoring his own church concurrently. Sister Mah Koi Kum was assisting in administrative duties in part-time capacity. She turned full-time staff in 2001. Pastor Lui Choo Huat joined St Paul’s Chinese ministry in 2004. Reverend Tan choon Kwan left St Paul’s as a part-time minister in October the same year. Sister Mah Koi Kum left in December 2005 and sister Theresa Chua joined as part-time administrative officer. Pastor Lui Choo Huat was ordained as Deacon in 2009 and followed by ordained as Priest in 2010.

Reverend Lui Choo Huat was posted to Chapel of Christ the Redeemer in May 2012. Reverend Chang Lubin has since been ministering in St Paul’s Church Chinese service.